Thursday, March 1, 2012

Put up or shut up, Christian Missionaries warned Hassan Ali

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) called on former Selangor exco Hasan Ali to justify his claims of Christians proselytising Muslims with proof.

“There are some-more than adequate rapist laws in a nation to assign persons who try to proselytize Muslims and Dr Hasan should have lodged a military news and supposing proof,” pronounced a NGO in a statement.

The interfaith physique pronounced that it is uneasy by a countless statements from Hasan accusing Christian missionaries of perplexing to proselytize Muslims though with no explanation to back  them todate.

It described a former PAS leader’s statements as zero some-more than “innuendos and insinuations”.

MCCBCHST combined that as a politician, Hasan’s consistent tongue opposite a Christians might bode “a dark agenda”, as differently he would have lodged a military news for a matter to be investigated and a guilty party, if any, punished. 

“His latest matter is similar, where he accuses Christian missionaries of donning Muslim robes and going into mosques to urge with Muslims in sequence to modify them.

“Without proof, it appears to be distant fetched that people will go into mosques to modify Muslims. On a contrary, it could be argued that such people were taken to mosque in sequence to modify them to a Muslim faith,” reasoned a NGO.

Gov’t ticked off over inaction

MCCBCHST also challenged Hasan to brand a 51 Muslims apostates and make them accessible to a open to reduce accusations that they might have been set up.

The NGO also lamented a disaster of a supervision to rein in Hasan and to examine ihim for mutiny as his inflammatory statements can  stir adult ill-feelings opposite a Christians.

It feared that such inaction by a authorities might emanate guess of supervision complicity in a minds of a people.

“Our leaders have been propounding mediation both locally and internationally nonetheless inflammatory remarks by persons such as Dr Hasan are left unchecked,” pronounced a interfaith organisation.

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