Sunday, July 29, 2012

Erra Fazira reveals dad’s identity

ACTRESS and former beauty queen Erra Fazira (pic) has revealed the identity of her real father, putting an end to long simmering speculation on the matter, Metro Ahad reported.

A neighbour of hers in her younger days, who Erra knew as Along, was actually her biological father, said Erra, 38.

Erra, whose real name is Fazira Wan Chek, said she only knew the truth when Along died in a car crash when she was eight years old.

She said her mother had told her earlier that her father died long before.

Erra made the revelation in a Hari Raya commercial themed Jalinan Kasih di Aidilfitri that will be aired on Astro in the last week of Ramadan.

The 60-second commercial was shot in Tanjung Karang, Selangor on July 19.

Met at the location of the shoot, Erra denied that she had wanted the identity of her father to be a secret, saying that she merely felt there was no need to talk about it publicly.

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