Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mizz Nina perform at Honda Super GT Party (VIDEO)

I was truly honoured to be invited by Honda Malaysia to host their Super GT Pre-race media party @ Neverland today and boy did I have a blast at work, being a motor racing fan myself. With such an elaborate set up and great attention to detail I found myself in a mini motorsports playground with race car simulators and the Tamiya race car micro-track which I thought was brilliant! *grin*

To be honest I was itching to try my hand at the challenges but being at work meant I was 110% focused on the task at hand. It would’ve been the least I could do to complement the hard work and effort the team had already put into the event. 

In one night alone, I was able to meet the 10 finalists of the Super GT Queen 2012 search, 2011 GT Queens, Mizz Nina and a host of other talented people, so it was overall inspiring. *smile* 

I did realize however that my tolerance to cigarette smoke had dropped significantly when my throat started getting so sore even at the start of the event. The last time I was in a smokey place for event, I left with a sore throat that lasted 3 months so you go figure! Age kicking in?!!! *laugh*

Busy weekend ahead with a day trip up north on Saturday morning so there’s lots to do. Still can’t believe it’s already June. Scary how time flies! Woohoo!!!

Nevertheless, have a fantabulous weekend ahead guys! Love love love you!!!! Mwah!!!!

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