Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Laman Maharani Muar, turned into public toilet

The floor of this ‘wakaf’ is perpetually wet with smelly urine.
PUT OFF: Vandals urinate at night at the rest area in the recreational park of Laman Maharani near the Sultan Ismail Bridge, leaving a stench

THE panoramic beauty of Laman Maharani near the Sultan Ismail Bridge here has been tainted by a foul odour.

This is due to the behaviour of some unscrupulous visitors who have turned a wakaf in the recreational area into a urinal at night as there are no public toilets in the park.

A check revealed that the floor of the wakaf  was always covered in urine.

This has caused  distressed to people passing by the area, who are seen covering their noses as they draw near.

If the vandalism goes unchecked, the local council's  efforts to turn the area into an attraction would be in vain.

The park is opposite Padang Nyiru and the Jalan Maharani clock tower.

It is equipped with various facilities, including a marble-floored mini square.

Many folk visit the area to look at the sunset over Sungai Muar.

Visitor Nor Syuhada Shamsuddin, 25, said anybody who walked pass the wakaf would become uncomfortable with the stench.

"The action of these inconsiderate visitors showed that they are lacking in civic consciousness.

"They are not concerned with the cleanliness of the environment," she said.

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