Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Media desperate for details of Ella’s marriage to Malaysian (2 PICS)

The media's desperation to get news of a Taiwanese pop star's marriage to her Malaysian fiancee has forced his family to operate their tailoring business in Malacca with the gate closed, Guang Ming Daily reported.

Alvin Lai is set to marry Ella Chen, a member of Taiwan girl group S.H.E.

Tying the knot: Ella’s upcoming marriage has the media hounding her fiancee’s family in Malacca.
The media had gone to the shop to get confirmation from Lai's parents on the wedding dinner, which is said will be held in a hotel in Malacca on May 19.

However, the gate of the shop was closed but the business was operating as usual, it reported.

When reporters approached workers, they said their boss was not around.

The couple would also have two wedding dinners in Taiwan on April 15 and May 5 respectively, it reported.

Alvin Lai is set to marry Ella Chen, a member of Taiwan girl group S.H.E
> China Press reported that two deaf and mute people found each other on Facebook and got married a year later.

The daily reported that Chen Fang Kai, 29, and Yang Qiao Yen, 25, started exchanging messages on social media and love bloomed.

Yang, who is from Sarawak, had moved to Sitiawan, the hometown of Chen, after the couple registered their marriage on Valentine's Day this year.

“Even though we cannot communicate via language and cannot hear each other's voice, we showed our love in little ways every day,” the couple told the daily's reporter by sign language.

The couple, who plan to hold a Chinese wedding ceremony at the end of the year, operate a fried chicken stall in Sitiawan.

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