Friday, March 2, 2012

Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok argue

Jayne Stars has recently reported of a big argument between Hong Kong star couple Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung regarding Lynn's backfired plan of pushing for an engagement.

The relationship that started from their 2006 music video collaboration to a 5-year underground secret, has made the 32-year-old actress sent various reconciliation text messages to Aaron.

It was learnt that her motion of pushing for marriage was led by the press' circulating topics on her relationship with Aaron.

Their many arguments and dissatisfied situations over it had Aaron take off angrily the day after Valentine's Day for his new film's preparation in Malaysia. The sudden gesture initiated the model's regrettable retaliation of publicly stating that her connection to the 47-year-old actor were only as friends, adding that she doesn't want to be lumped together with the Hong Kong star and not to mention him in future.

When the publicised news spread throughout Hong Kong, the Nanjing-born beauty realising that the situation was blow out of proportion, quickly contacted Aaron with the message; "Can we can go back to how things were before?" via text message – to which the hunk ignored and posted a reply on his Weibo blog page; "Wait for me to come back, yoyo!"

Aaron, who is returning on Thursday to Hong Kong for an event has been continually ignoring his girlfriend.

Just recently, the teary-eyed Lynn was interrupted by reporters who asked about the current status of her relationship while she was out grocery shopping with her parents. She walked off without giving a reply.

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