Friday, September 9, 2011

Muar Road East, hinder business people access to water 置放東甲麻坡路店前‧大水管阻礙商民出入

Water on the road will be relocated his large office. Front row from left A Xie, Wu Chi Chi, Lee Yong Deok, Fucheng Jia, Lin Zuliang, Chen Chi Chin. (Figure: Sin Chew Daily)

(A 8 East Johor ‧ AP) A Muar Road East oily station across the country placed a large store front road pipes, and business people feel inaccessible area east a state legislator Wu Chi Chi help.

Wu Chi Chi, after receiving a reflection of the residents, led by Mahua Li Lin Zuliang to District Secretary, Water Manager A Xie, technical director Abdul Aziz, the local business people Fucheng Jia, Lee Yong Deok, Chen Chee Yen, etc. to the scene live.

A Xie said that he will be based on the requirements of state legislators, business people also appreciate the difficulties You promised to move home in the near future the big pipes.



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