Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wendy Wong falls victim to identity theft

KUALA LUMPUR: Drama producer and actress Wendy Wong has fallen victim to identity theft after her e-mail account was hacked.

Wong said e-mails from her account were sent to her contacts asking them to send her money after she supposedly misplaced her wallet while on a trip to Spain.

“I have been in Kuala Lumpur all this time,” she told a press conference yesterday.

The e-mails started circulating on Monday, three days after she collected her laptop from a service centre.

Hacker’s target: Wong showing copies of the SOS mail sent from her e-mail account during a press conference.
In the e-mail, “Wong” asked her friends to send RM10,929 to be transferred via Western Union to a Madrid address so she could pay her hotel bill.

The e-mail said that Wong could not be contacted as the hotel was keeping her cellphone and passport.

“A few close friends called to check. My office received over 50 calls from friends asking how they could help.

“The person who sent the e-mails is quite smart, hoping to trick people into not calling me to check,” said Wong.

She said she was alerted of the scam by an mStar journalist who called on Tuesday to check if she was stranded in Spain.

“It is fortunate that the journalist called me, or I would not have found out until it was too late,” said Wong.

She said she changed her password but the hacker was still corresponding with her contacts as recently as yesterday, but using an e-mail address with similar spelling as her personal e-mail.

Wong lodged a police report at the Jalan Travers police station on Tuesday.

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