Thursday, July 12, 2012

Break-in fears force couple to sleep in car

Break-in fears force couple to sleep in car
A couple has spent six consecutive nights in their car after being harassed and robbed in their flat, fearing the perpetrator's return.

According to the China Press , Haslim, a marketing manager, had just moved into a low-cost unit in Pandan, Selangor, on July 1 with his wife and daughter.

Their nightmare began three days later, when a knife-wielding robber broke into their new home in the wee hours.

During the incident, Haslim's daughter was attacked in her room, leaving her with a wound on the neck.

A police report was filed the same day and a second lodged on Jul 6 but the nightmare did not end there.

On July 9, Haslim found the house wooden door open, with signs of an attempted break-in.

Mischief minded knave

The next day, some of the stolen things were placed at the front door, making Haslim think that the robber was trying to provoke him.

Fearing for their safety, Haslim and his wife have been sleeping in their car for the past six days, returning home only for showers.

His daughter has returned to their hometown in Perak but Haslim was worried that she could have been subjected to more abuse during the robbery.

"She did not tell us what else happened that night. She could not sleep after the incident," he said. His wife also dares not return to their flat.

"The flat is rented. We just moved in a few days ago. We are just ordinary people, I don't know why we are targeted," Haslim added.

Pandan Indah police told the Chinese newspaper that they would solve the case as soon as possible, and have deployed more policemen to patrol the area.

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