Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bride and beautiful, never a shortage of ideas

THE wedding dress is said to be the benchmark of how grand a wedding is and on most occasions, I find this to be true.

The dress is the main accent piece of a wedding and, most times, it will determine the theme for the wedding decorations, colour and fashion style.

Designer Jovian Mandagie has come up with a line of ready-to-wear wedding dresses called JM Bride. From traditional baju kurung to modern, slim dresses, the collection will lure brides-to-be who seek that Wedding Dress Of The Year.


It doesn't matter if you are a traditionalist, modernist or minimalist as Mandagie's craft transcends gorgeously over the bridal dresses while maintaining his signature Swarovski-encrusted looks.

For example, the dusty pink buttoned-down lace kebaya with long dress is breathtaking. The satin accentuates the wearer’s curves as it exquisitely drapes over the body right down to just below the feet.

A dress crossed in the front, almost Grecian with beautiful frilly flowers sewn at the shoulders, is both majestic and effortless. A ribbon sash, tied to the front, adds a modern touch to the kebaya worn over a white corset.

For the more modest bride, there is the simple but modern kurung with intricate beading. But if I am to splurge on my wedding dress, I may as well go all out with the lace, beading and bows — without being tacky, of course.

Grecian grace

TO celebrate his 21st year in designing bridal and evening wear, Eric Choong pays tribute to mythical Greek goddesses in his latest collection that includes short dresses and long gowns.

It draws on the fascinating stories of the Greek goddesses with each piece conveying a unique personality. “I want to extend the goddess metaphor beyond spiritual and romantic lives into dresses, from the sensual and alluring to the strong and serene,” says Choong.

The collection is a play on soft and hard, on rigid and fluid elements. Silk chiffon and taffeta dominate and Grecian influences are seen in the empire line, one-shoulder, draping, transparency and braid.

Each piece comes with layers, ruffles and flounces, using additional fabrics such as lace, organza and tulle.
Choong has also incorporated a hand-braided waist belt and/or straps on each piece, inspired by the olive wreath worn on the hair of the goddesses to symbolise peace and prosperity.

Sleek detailing

YOUNG designer Afiq Mohamed, a fashion graduate from the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan College, made his debut with the AfiqM line at the Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2011.

He took part in competitions to hone his designing skills, always attempting new styles to help push the industry forward.

“My idea of fashion comes from the heart and passion. I like minimalist designs and feminine shapes,” he says.

This year, he is branching out with a second line, the AfiqM Sposa bridal wear, which, he says, is a modern approach to what fashion is in the bridal industry. “My style is sleek, detailed and current. The idea is to stand out and be different.”

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