Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New talk show strips celebrities bare (3 PICS)

(From left) Richie Rachman, Engku Azmin and Azwan Ali during the first episode of 'Bilik 7'. NTV7  
NEW talk show Bilik 7 on ntv7 promises revelations of juicy secrets, saucy confessions, intense dramas and tears a-plenty.

Set up to resemble a police interrogation room complete with a table that separates the ‘interrogator’ from the ‘suspect’, the half-hour show will make its debut on April 5 at 9pm.

Conducted mostly in Bahasa Malaysia, Bilik 7 interrogator is none other than its host, Richie Rachman, who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business as well as having worked as a journalist, editor, radio announcer and image consultant.

Every week, one local artiste will be taken into the interrogation room where he will be grilled by Richie on the controversies or gossips surrounding his or her life.

And Richie, who had played host to such popular TV shows as Hip TV and Hello, will not be going easy on the artiste.
However, the 53-year-old says, the artistes on the hot seat will also get their chance to give their side of the story as well as to clarify and confess their past mistakes.

“Some may think that this show promotes negativity but in fact, it is the other way around,” he says.

(From left) 'Bilik 7' host Richie Rachman with artistes Zarina Anjoulie, Radhi from OAG and comedian Pian Cecupak. NTV7 
“I hope viewers will look at the show positively and learn from the artistes’ testimonies and stories.”

The first season features 13 episodes with the colourful Azwan Ali as the first to be put on the hot seat. Others include singer Radhi from OAG, model-cum-actress Zarina Anjoulie, actress Lisdawati Nazaruddin, film producer Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman, actress-cum-model Natasha Hudson and comedian Pian Cecupak.

Has any artiste given him problems or walked out half-way through the interview?

“A lot of times, I felt the urge to ask burning questions,” Richie says. “But I didn’t have to. They were all ready and willing to share their feelings with me.

“I applaud them for their courage and willingness to accommodate me. … They were 100% cooperative.”

According to a source, a few artistes were reduced to tears on the set while being grilled by Richie.

But some artistes like Radhi, who is a recovering drug addict, feels the show allows him the chance to share with others what he had gone through.

Ntv7 brand management group manager Emilya Abdul Rahim. NTV7  
“By doing so, I hope to help others avoid making the same mistakes.”

Zarina , who courted controversy when she posed rather daringly for a magazine in Indonesia, says: “At least the show is giving artistes a chance to tell their side of the story and set the record straight.”

Emilya Abdul Rahim, the manager of ntv7 brand management group, adds that Bilik 7 allows viewers to experience the rollercoaster emotions of these celebrities and feel the tension in the interrogation room.

The show’s producer, Engku Azmin Engku Zaini, said its biggest strength is the honesty that the artistes bring to the show. “They were very honest in answering all our questions.”

When asked why Richie was chosen as the host, Engku Azmin says: “We wanted someone with vast experience in journalism to be the host. Richie has mastered the art of persuading artistes to open up and pour out their feelings.”

Engku Azmin watches the proceedings in the room through a tinted glass window, occasionally giving instructions to Richie through a earpiece.

“I had worked with Richie on a couple of projects before and we shared great chemistry. We definitely work well together.”

So catch the first episode of Bilik 7 on April 5 on ntv7 at 9pm and see what Azwan has to say about the controversies in his life.

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