Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maxis launches prepaid plan with affordable rates (3 PICS)

PETALING JAYA: Customers can find out more about Maxis Bhd's brand new Hotlink prepaid plan BAGUS today.

The firm touts the new plan as “the all-in-one-prepaid plan with the lowest ever rates.”

The plan offers customers affordable rates in five services voice calls, SMS, surfing the Internet, International Direct Dialling (IDD) and roaming for RM5.

With an additional commitment of RM5, customers can subscribe to the BAGUS 5 Pass, which offers users up to 50% discount on calls and SMS for three days.

The pass also comes with free data services of 10MB.

Maxis joint chief operating officer Suren J. Amarasekera said the Hotlink BAGUS plan will be a “groundbreaking” product.

“It offers the ultimate convenience with huge savings. With our 14 million customers, it is our role to provide them with innovative and reliable services to meet their aspirations,” he said during the launch of the Hotlink BAGUS plan here yesterday.

Under the BAGUS 5 Pass, customers will be able to call Maxis numbers for 12 sen a minute and SMS costs 1 sen per message.

Calls to other networks will be priced at 18 sen a minute while an SMS is 10 sen under the pass.

The Hotlink BAGUS plan offers a one-day mobile Internet Pass at RM2 for 100MB or a one-week mobile Internet Pass at RM8 for 100MB.

The IDD services under the plan also allows customers to save up to 70% on calls to 233 countries.

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