Monday, November 14, 2011

Mat Sabu insists he was hit by cop car

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu today took the stand at a public inquiry on the Bersih 2.0 rally, describing his accident with a police vehicle resulting in a leg injury that required surgery.

Addressing the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) panel, Mohamad insisted that the motorcycle he was riding did no wrong and was hit by a police petrol car along Jalan Travers, bear KL Sentral.

“The motorcycle which I was riding pillon was heading downhill and the police patrol car from the opposite direction was heading in the wrong side of the road and stopped,

“My knee hit the front lamp of the Proton Waja resulting in the injury,” said Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu.

He said he was leaving the nearby Mandarin Court Hotel and did not know that he was being tailed by the police.

Following public outcry over the police handling of the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9 and claims of police abuse, the police scrambled to come out with an in depth briefing denying the charges.

Among others, Federal Public Order and Internal Security Department director Salleh Rashid claimed there was no truth to the claim of a police vehicle hitting Mohamad’s motorcycle.

Salleh had claimed that CCTV footage showed Mohamad’s vehicle hitting a road divider before falling.
While the video does not show Mohamad’s vehicle being struck, it does have one segment in which a police 4WD vehicle chases two motorcycles, with the PAS