Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BN pays RM137mil to village chiefs in Pakatan states

The federal government forked out RM137 million to pay the Federal Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKP), but not to those in the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states, says Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching.

"They (BN) formed the JKKKP so they can appoint their own people. They have no respect for the powers of the state governments and the wishes of the rakyat.

"So, now in the Pakatan states, we have JKKK (Village Security and Development Committees) and JKKKP doing basically the same work," Teoh said.

She said the government pays RM800 a month to the chairperson of the JKKKP, while its secretary and treasurer get RM200 and RM100 respectively every month.

"They (BN) want to make their presence felt among the village folk. Even though there is a JKKK appointed by Pakatan, they want to strengthen their presence in the villages with JKKKP...

'Wasting the people's money'

"Until today, they are still wasting the rakyat's money."

According to a written reply to Teo in Parliament, the government spent RM24.1 million in 2008, RM28.2 million in 2009 and RM26.2 million in 2010 to maintain the JKKKP.

The cost for 2011 spiked to RM59.3 million, despite the JKKKP having been dissolved in Perak after BN took over the state in June 2009.

"The government says it wants to cut the bonus and Employees Provident Fund contributions for untrained temporary teachers. This will save RM200 a person a month, with a total savings of RM16.8 million.

"But this money, the RM137 million, can be used for the untrained temporary teachers or for other benefits for the rakyat," she said.

The JKKKP were formed in Kedah, Perak, Penang, Selangor and Kedah in 2008 after Pakatan Rakyat captured those states.