Friday, October 21, 2011

UIA trapped in politician

Lover Boy: Zaleha Kamarudin, the rector of UIA (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa), is not to be blamed. She is taking instructions from higher-ups and I think she is an ‘obedient wife'.

As to the students of UIA, I am surprised that they have the balls to stand up to the Umno authorities and the dictates of the sultan. I am sure these ‘anak anak Melayu' know from Hang Tuah that "Anak Melayu tidak menderhaka".

I say all you Jebats out there, I admire your courage. Long live UIA student power!

Peace Lover: There were people who said it was the right of the university to institute disciplinary action against Prof Abdul Aziz Bari. While I am not interested to argue over that point, my issue is that whether the disciplinary action instituted has any reasonable basis at all.

Is there in existence any ruling that forbids academicians from giving opinions? So far that I am aware of, there is none. For the sake of argument, let's assume there is one. Why is it only now that action is being taken after so many opinions offered by so many academicians in the past?

If there is such a ruling, it explains why the standard of our local universities is declining from bad to worst. Academicians are entitled to express their opinion. If you disagree, it is your right to argue by giving your grounds. But definitely, it is not reasonable to institute disciplinary proceeding against them.

Jesse: Zaleha Kamarudin, being a law academician herself, should know better. She should be the one to show cause for bringing the university into disrepute by taking such frivolous action.

Is she another one of those government-appointed sycophants with little real understanding of the nature of academic work? By her actions and the almost incoherent response to students' demands for her to retract her decision, it is obvious that she has no clue how to deal with the situation she had created.

This is not a political issue although some are trying to make one out of it. It is a simple matter of academic integrity and honesty. Are you an academician or a sycophant? Me thinks the latter. I am proud of the students. Keep it up.

1M: "We are now in the process of fact-finding to determine the truth of the matter...".

What fact-finding, Zaleha? The fact is, as a responsible and thinking citizen, Prof Aziz made a comment about the decree issued by Sultan Selangor, saying that the sultan's move was unusual and inconsistent, that's all.

Now with the facts given to you, what charge can you make against him?

Malaysian53: I am pleasantly surprised by this show of dissent and standing up against the low-level rector. The manner of the suspension is disgusting at best.

YF: Look at the size of the crowd. Even Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin's anti-Bersih group cannot match the fervour these students have for Aziz Bari.

Surely Umno must be wetting their pants by now as obviously their propaganda is not reaching the educated Malay Muslims.

Sarawakian_3ff9: It's good to see university students starting to wake up. Should we all be surprised by UIA's reaction?

The BN culture has infected every government-controlled organisation in the country. Whenever Umno is angered by people who criticised them, leaders in these organisations would try to score brownie points by taking stupid and uncalled-for action.

Civil servants are now promoted not by their competence but by their sycophantic and apple-polishing ability. This is the case of the good professor here who is just another victim of Umno despotic action.

There is only one way to stop them - use your precious vote to remove them.

UIAstudent: I am ashamed of my student colleagues to protest like this. We undergraduates should be studying, not protesting. Prof Abdul Aziz should be terminated as he disrespected the Selangor sultan.

I am also unhappy that I got criticised in this forum because of my English.

Baiyuensheng: UIAstudent, disrespect the sultan? I presumed you also meant for those in Perkasa and Himpun for disrespecting the sultan. They seemed to insinuate that the sultans did not do a good job in protecting the Malays and Islam. And only them are able to do so.

Dood: Why were students arrested? Was there any violence? Was there any threat to public safety? No.

Yet when Umno-BN, Perkasa and gang protest, even to the extent of burning effigies, harassing innocent people and shouting and carrying racist and bigoted slogans, the police stand by meekly.

And to add salt to the wound, Umno-BN leaders have the cheek to say that these hooligans have the right to vent their anger or frustration, or even more amazingly, that they had been provoked to protest.

But somehow all these arguments don't seem to apply when Pakatan Rakyat members or ordinary citizens protest over issues of injustice and public interest.
Poor UIAstudent, even as he is looked down upon for his shallow thinking, he doesn't even know why people pity him. He is indeed the sad reflection of how our country's education system has gone to the dumps.

What value is a university student who does not even possess critical thinking?

Manjit Bhatia: Every Malaysian should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these brave students and demand that the heinous wrong be made right and immediately.

They should also demand the immediate sacking of the university's incompetent and dumb administrators, especially the rector. Political stooges of the regime aren't fit to run a university.

Jean Pierre: Never have so many come forward for one man since the reformasi days.

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