Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 steps to fake a credit card : Police Source

THE raw materials used to manufacture the fake credit cards were brought in from Singapore and Taiwan.

The materials included rigid PVC sheets, microchips, a special oil and authentication stickers made from tin.

A police source said the mastermind could manufacture fake cards from scratch.

The process usually comprised seven steps -- printing, colouring, fixing authentication stickers, drying, cutting, installing the data chip and embossing particulars on the cards."Each rigid PVC sheet can produce eight cards. The first step in the process is to print the desired bank's card design, before applying the required colours through a special process.

"After that, comes the authentication stickers to give it the genuine look," said the source.

Once everything is done, the PVC sheet will be left to dry by which time it would harden like any other credit card. A special cutter will then be used to cut out the cards.

"Finally, the syndicate will use another machine to insert the chip and emboss the details of the bank and name of the owner with the number." - nst

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