Friday, September 23, 2011

Selena Gomez Covers Fashion Magazine October 2011

Selena Gomez graces cover page of Fashion magazine’s October 2011 issue. 19-year-oldDisney star Selena Gomez looks gorgeous on mag’s cover in trendy off-the-shoulderpurple dress accessorized with statement earrings.
She talks about many things in latest issue of Canada’s Fashion magazine including her boyfriend Justin Bieber, shopping and hearing herself on the radio.
Selena kept tight-lipped about her boyfriend but did reveal little secrets about Justin’s Canadian vocabulary: “He says ‘Eh?’ a lot and ‘Lookit.’ He says that’s a Canadian thing too, but I don’t know”
Check out some excerpts from the interview:
Selena on hearing one of her songs from her new album When the Sun Goes Down on the radio: “I was in L.A. at a Starbucks when I heard one on the radio. I was in the drive- through, and I screamed and called my mom and I was crying. It was a huge moment for me. The server probably thought I was an emotional teenager going through something.”
Selena on shopping: “I have to be in the mood to go shopping. I can’t stand shopping for jeans—I hate having to try them on. But I can shop for shoes for days.”
For more, pick up Fashion October 2011 issue.

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