Sunday, July 17, 2011

The unpublished truth about Malaysia's political situation.

On June 17th a series of new guidelines were drawn to ensure that the mainstream media do not go overboard in their zest to stretch the truth. It is morally wrong to criticise a democratically elected government like BN.

Today the pro-opposition media and blogs have overtaken the MSM and pro-government by 10 to 1, which is a constant headache for the Information Ministry. The MSM cannot dispense the truth fast enough to counter the lies by the opposition.

No surprisingly, Information minister Rais Yatim was overly concerned about the cybermedia, which he claims was biased in its reporting of Bersih, while 3 Chinese newspapers have been hauled up for its sympathetic approach to Bersih by the Home Ministry.

Malaysia Chronicle’s stand is that, it will publish the unblemished truth, no matter how much it may hurt. We do not impose our views or pass judgement, and readers are encouraged to formulate their own views based on the unvarnished truth.

To comply with strict government guidelines against criticism of the government, or sensationalism although it will be okay if directed against the opposition, we have re-edited this story to be in total compliance. Please don’t be taken in, and do not be afraid to voice your differences. This is the 1st of a five part miniseries.

The re-edited truth

The United Malaysia National Organization (UMNO) has been unfairly condemned by the Opposition as being evil, illegal and being Nazistic. UMNO’s struggle was always for the Malays and Muslims. In the past half century its leaders were the most hardworking in fighting for the rights of Malays and Muslims. It has even accorded 1st class citizen status to them. UMNO does not deny the fact that it champions the Malay cause and unlike other component parties, it will not veer off course.

Our inspirational grand old vizier and past president Tun Dr Mahathir until today has not wavered on his stand. Another Malay rights champion Ibrahim Ali is still carrying on the fight despite national criticism of his radical stand. There were also unjustified calls by the Opposition leaders and even UMNO leaders for him to be arrested under ISA. Remember, Ibrahim Ali is not an UMNO member, and UMNO does not endorse his stand.

And because of its noble cause, today UMNO still stands proud and mighty, unwavering for the last 54 years. It has not and it will not compromise on its stand to carry on the Malay struggle. Together with MCA and MIC, and the other 10 component parties UMNO has gone on to lead the nation. Peace and Prosperity has reigned ever-since, but now for the first time UMNO is worried and has retreated into a corner.

UMNO is innocent

In the last election, 47 percent of Malaysians voted against Barisan Nasional. UMNO is not to blame. UMNO has been too liberal and allowed the slide to go unnoticed. MCA and MIC screwed up the BN formula by not doing their job. Both these parties failed to serve the Chinese and Indian communities. Today, they stand rejected by their own people, while UMNO still has the majority support.

UMNO has always told MCA and MIC to stop fidgeting and start working hard for their communities, while UMNO lends them moral support, but they did not listen. So now they are paying the ultimate price, and dragging UMNO down with them.

And today Malaysia has a strong opposition because UMNO allows it. But the Opposition keeps opposing us, and accuse us of widespread corruption without any burden of proof. It is all because of the chief trouble maker Anwar Ibrahim.

There are even allegations of corruption against him, but we cannot charge him without any proof. So today, he is being charged for his sexual misbehaviour instead. Why can’t he be like a good Muslim, and bonk quietly somewhere without sensationalizing or allowing others to video-tape it? His sexual capers have dragged UMNO across the mud even though UMNO is innocent.

Unfairly embarrassed

UMNO has gone on the offensive, as they need to arrest the situation. MCA and MIC is too weak to prop up UMNO and BN. UMNO is angry that these two parties have been sitting on their laurels when they should be working hard for their communities.

No wonder, 2 past presidents were ousted, and duly replaced at both components. They have promised that this time around, they have managed to regain support of their communities. They'd better buck up, before UMNO wrests the remaining seats from them.

The recent Bersih fiasco was an embarrassment to UMNO and the country. How can we let the international press write so many untruths about this country and PM Najib? The only reason for the lockdown and riot police was to control the safety of the crowd.

Managing to arrest 1,700 troublemakers in a short span of 2 hours shows how efficient our Police are. Without the arrests of these trouble makers there would be an all-out free for all, which may end in more deaths than necessary, not to mention the untold damage to public property.

The government calls on the Opposition to stop publicizing the illegal Bersih fiasco, and allow the government to implement mitigation and damage control. Bersih’s demands are not only ridiculous but also unfair. The Government has stressed time and time again that the electoral system is clean and fair, and there will be no review. Even the latest voter registration has seen about 40% ineligible voters who were either under-aged, pre-registered or dead.

Since Bersih 2.0 knows the government stance, why did Bersih 2.0 have to continue marching? So embarrassing!! And during the audience with the King, they even conveniently forgot to bring the memorandum along.

GE-13 and the real practitioners of true democracy

And because of the illegal gathering, the government is forced to postpone the general election, as the government cannot gauge accurately which side of the fence the 40% fence sitters are falling off.

The government was so sure of a two thirds mandate until Bersih came along, and unless Bersih refrain from continuing to toe the line, the government will have no choice but to freeze its foreign funding.

While UMNO and BN are poor with hardly any financial funding, Bersih is being funded by overseas NGOs which gives Bersih an unfair advantage. And yet the Opposition accuses us of money politics!!

Even lately, after spending so much on the 1Malaysia concept, the Opposition even hijacked it from right under our noses to say that Bersih 2.0 is actually a fine example of 1Malaysia. “And to save BN, we must vote the Opposition.” What kind of sick slogan is that? That takes the cake.

And for the untainted truth about MCA and MIC please check out Part 2 of our miniseries. The government needs all your support, and remember that BN is the only party that practises true democracy in this country.

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