Friday, July 22, 2011

Scarred girl longs for dad

HULU TERENGGANU: Her once beautiful face is now badly scarred by acid splashed by her father but that does not stop Nurul Dahyatul Fazlinda Mat Haizan from missing him.

The nine-year-old girl, better known as Lin, said she had never blamed her father Mat Haizan Mat Yassin, 29, for the incident.

“It was just a horrible accident,” she said of the day in August last year when her father splashed acid on her, her brother Muhammad Irfan Firdaus, three, mother Ku Huzaimah Che Ku Awang, 29 and grandmother Minah Omar, 56.

Lin suffered severe burns on her face and chest, while her mother had injuries on the hand and body. Both Muhammad Irfan and Minah suffered minor burns.

Missing dad’s love: Lin wants nothing more than to see her father again.
Mat Haizan is serving a 10-year sentence in Marang Prison for hurting his family after a quarrel with his wife.

“I have already forgiven my father. He loves us and would never intentionally hurt us,” she said, adding that her only communication with him now was through the letters he sent from prison.

“I just want him to know that my love for him outweighs everything. It would be wonderful to see him after all this time,” she said.

Ku Huzaimah said her former husband deeply regretted his actions.

“He is always asking me to do my best to cure Lin, including sending her for corrective surgery so that she will regain her beautiful face,” she said, adding that she has sent pictures of the children to Mat Haizan.

“We were happy for 11 years but that one incident scarred our family. However, I want to put it behind me and focus on improving Lin's appearance,” she said.

Lin had gone for a reconstructive surgery early this year but the scar did not heal properly as she refused to wear a pressure mask which she said was uncomfortable. She is due for another follow-up surgery soon.

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