Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How did I get a MyKad?, fumes cheated investor

KOTA KINABALU: A puzzled Taiwanese businessman, Lin Yun Chun, wants the police and the relevant authority to investigate how and when a MyKad was issued in his name.

“I have never applied to the National Registration Department (NRD) for the MyKad. I do not read English and Bahasa Malaysia.

“I do not know how the MyKad was issued in my name, with different birth dates from my passport.

“I purchased all my properties in Sabah using my Taiwan passport.

“I urge the police and the relevant authority to investigate how and when the MyKad was issued in my name,” he said in a statement issued through his representative Chia Chiew Pui.

Chia, who holds power of attorney for Lin, lodged a police report here yesterday. He is seeking police assistance to investigate how a MyKad was issued in his name.

Lin said he had always travelled to Sabah with his Taiwanese passport. He said his visits to Sabah was always either on a tourist or business visa.

“The last time I traveled to Sabah was in 2000. I was on a tourist visa and then (they) granted (me a) business visa.

“When my visa expired sometime in July 2000, the relevant authorities such as the Industrial Development Department and the Chief Minister’s Department recommended to the Sabah Immigration to extend a one year business visa to me as an investor,” he explained.

Falsified documents

He said this latest twist of event was not isolated but was in fact an addition to the multiple falsifications of documents by unscrupulous persons leading to the wrong issuance of copies of his title deeds which saw the exchange of hands of his properties.

Lin said that he had been away from Sabah from 2000 to 2009 because of illness and had only discovered the fraud on returning here in August 2009.

“When I returned, I was shocked that my properties had changed to third parties by way of falsified documentations.

“I am still holding all the original title deeds to these properties.

“How could I be selling my properties without surrendering my original titles to the lawyer preparing the sales and purchase agreement?” he said.

Lin also dismissed ‘as baseless and wrongful’ allegation that he received RM800,000 for the sale of his house in Tangung Aru and or other properties via Chia.

“I have never appointed anyone to sell my house or properties using power of attorney,” he stressed.

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