Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anti-Lynas group invites MB to a debate

KUALA LUMPUR: The Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas movement today challenged Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob to a debate on the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng.

This invitation comes in the wake of Adnan’s recent dismissal of those who opposed the plant as “irrational”.

Tan But Teet, leader of the movement, challenged Adnan to an open debate so that the public could decide for themselves who was “more rational”.
Adnan said the construction of the factory was found to be safe, and that the plant would benefit the country.

He added that he would ignore the anti-Lynas voices and continue to disseminate information to the public in order to avoid confusion, deliberately created by anti-Lynas groups.
“The Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas movement has found the recent International Atomic Energy Agency report inadequate in several areas,” said Tan.

He added that he did not believe the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) was equipped to monitor and regulate the activities of LAMP around the clock.

Tan questioned the credibility of AELB director-general Raja Abdul Aziz, who he said had given conflicting statements with regard to the radioactive waste from the plant and its storage.
Anti-Lynas group Badan Bertindak Anti-rare Earth Refinery (Badar) also lashed out against Adnan, calling his statement “irresponsible”.

“Even the International Trade and Industry Ministry secretary-general agreed a mistake was made in the early stages of the setting up of Lynas,” said Badar chairman Andansura Rabu.
“The government also agreed with the people’s concerns over the safety of the plant. Now who is being irrational?” asked Andansura.

Lynas Corp is confident it will be able to fire up its controversial rare earth refinery in Gebeng by year-end.

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